Who We Are

Air Tour Jordan ATJ is a family owned boutique travel agent that has been serving its clientele since the 80ies. We got lots of experience and have flown people all over the world. Our base is in Jordan, but that doesn't mean we can't get you tickets anywhere else around the globe.

The Team!

We have a team of IATA certified travel consultants that create tours, packages and deals for your liking.

No Airlines Bias.

To give you the best price and timing. ATJ works with all the main airlines from North to South, big and small, tall and short, salt and pepper.

360 Travel Needs

We do it all! Travel plans, pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, you name it. Just ask us if you're looking for your dream honeymoon, or a custom made business itinerary or even a trip with a group of friends.

When in Jordan

If you are visiting Jordan, let the Jordanians show you around.
We can create inbound travel plans for you and your friends.
Drop us a line, and before you know it, well be sending your custom made travel itinerary.